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My computer IP address

What is computer IP address?

IP address is unique identifier of computer or other network device in a computer network and on the Internet. Today they are used together with IPv4 protocol in format x1.x2.x3.x4, where x are number ranging from 0 to 255. Together with IPv4 protocol there are more complex addresses, which have much bigger range and it is possible to connect more devices in one network.

My computer IP address is:

Localization of Computer Using IP Address

Due to hierarchical system of assigning IP addresses localization of device is possible to a certain degree. Because of this website operators for example can approximately localize their users. Together with more tools is also possible to display website in correct language the visitor speaks.

Public and Private IP Address

Thanks to public IP address network device (e.g. computer) is available from the whole Internet. This comes with both some advantages (possibility to run some special network programes, own webserver etc.) and disadvantages (such as bigger risk of computer attack). On the other hand private IP address makes computer inaccessible from the Internet and communication proceeds with intermediation.

Due to limited number of public IP addresses (which comes from principle of IP addresses) is their using often not free, but user has to pay additional fee to his provider.

Static and Dynamic IP Address

User with static IP address has one assigned static address which does not change and he is always visible with this one. Contrary to this user with dynamical address identifies during every connection to the Internet with address different from the previous one.

IP Address Change, Anonymizers

Some visitors to feel more anonymous use the services called anonymizers. They work as a gate that stands between the user and the rest of the Internet and intermediates all connections without endpoints directly been seen. When using them one should be cautious because for the anonymizer the user is even less anonymous that when using the Internet standardly.


To be able to connect to other devices without the necessity to remember numeral addresses there is DNS (Domain name system). Thanks to this system instead of writing difficult writing address aifut.com (or www.aifut.com, presence of www is not neccessary when the site is superior) is all needed to get to the correct site or connect to the correct device. IP address of server we are connecting to can be uncovered using command line and ping command "ping www.aifut.com".

More Users/Computer with the Same IP Address

Altough IP address is unique identifier, one can be used by more users. The reason is obvious - IP address can identify not only particular computer but also other network device which lies between user and the Internet.

More about IP Address

More information eg. on Wikipedia.

About this Website

Website www.my-computer-ip-address.aifut.com is for PC gamers who need to know their IP address for creating and connecting to "game server" when playing multiplayer and other people whatever is their reason to know.

In case this website is inaccessible/down, please use alternative website www.ip-address.123abc.cz.

To get to this website you can use also shortened address ip.aifut.com, you will be automatically redirected.

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